Expressing Love and Understanding Through Documentary Theater with Xandra Clark | Ep. 010

This week on the podcast my guest is Xandra Clark. Xandra is an actor, writer, documentarian, musician, performance-maker, and all-around storyteller. On the performance side of things, Xandra is currently a 2018-19 Queer|Art Fellow in Performance, a member of The Bats Company at The Flea, a company member of Poetic Theater Productions, co-leader of Colt Coeur’s theater education initiative, and a performer and experience designer with immersive performance company Odyssey Works.

As an audio documentarian, Xandra has worked at StoryCorps and was a cofounder of the True Story Podcast, a podcast of true personal stories told live at intimate gatherings, which has over 6 million downloads.

Xandra’s latest work is a show called Polylogues, which is a solo show about nonmonogamy that combines her passions for theatrical and audio storytelling.

In this conversation, Xandra and I talk about the process of creating Polylogues, how she blends storytelling mediums to foster an understanding of diverse perspectives, and the power of being open and receptive to the stories that the world presents to you.

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